Mary Mooney X Elizabeth Suzann

Designer Elizabeth Suzann commissioned an original painting for her spring line, and designed packaging from that piece with an intention it will have a second life of reuse with their creative customers. Stylist Mary Ellen Skye framed her print as part of a gorgeous neutral-toned gallery wall (below). 
These printed pieces ship with their spring line orders. Most of my favorite pieces in my closet come from Elizabeth Suzann. They cut and sew all of their garments locally using beautiful natural-fiber cloth, and their practical but elegant designs will get you from the studio to your art opening with a quick change of accessories. 

Images: Top Left - Emily Howard; Top Right - Elizabeth Suzann; Bottom - Mary Ellen Skye // Artwork: Mary Mooney


Mary Mooney X Craftcourse

Craftcourse is a Nashville-based duo of visual artists: Mandy Pellegrin and Emily Edwards. Together they create engaging installations and set design for specialty events and product and fashion photography. We also have huge maker crushes on each others work.

Photography: Craftcourse // Set Design: Craftcourse // Jewelry: Mary Mooney 

 Mary Mooney X Craftcourse
Mary Mooney X Craftcourse

Mary Mooney X Bear It No More

Clark and Christi Powers are the husband and wife duo behind Bear It No More, a furniture design and manufacturers focused on quality with an emphasis on urban-minded design. They are also two of the nicest people you'll ever meet. For a long time I envisioned my work becoming wood inlay, but I did not have the shop or skill set to make it happen. As part of a collaboration to celebrate Porter Flea's Tenth Modern Handmade Market, we designed this funky lounge chair with painted inlay. The chair is made of of solid white oak, and the design makes it appear as if it's floating when viewed from the side. I love the shelve underneath the seat--I picture it filled with art books in its new home. If you would like to inquire about a custom piece, please do! I'm dying to see a black walnut version, maybe with a cool-colored painted inlay. 

This specific piece (along with more work from Bear It No More and myself) is available through Wilder. Call for pricing and availability: 615-679-0008.

Photography: Ivy Elrod // Design: Bear It No More X Mary Mooney // Chair: Bear It No More  // Painted Inlay: Mary Mooney

Mary Mooney X Bear It No More

Mary Mooney X Travis Commeau

Travis Commeau, a talented photographer and awesome human, shot my work and featured it on his blog I Am Revolver.  His writing is equally as beautiful as his photography--go check him out.

Photography: Travis Commeau // Set Design: Mary Mooney + Travis Commeau + Natasha Colleran // Jewelry: Mary Mooney