SALE Pair of Midcentury BFF Necklaces

A necklace for you, and a necklace for your best friend.

I love how different these two pieces are, but how obviously they're obviously a match. The one on the left is textured black and white, the right is a nuanced deep dark navy on a baby blue. Everything about this set is brand new, but they get their Midcentury name from the graphic, curvy 1960's print design.

Each pendant is a small, shiny piece of a larger painting. These two were cut from the same portion of a larger painting. You can see the brushstrokes continue from one to the other. Though similar, each one is unique in its own way.


  • A piece of original Artwork by Mary Mooney
  • Hand painted pendant, brass bail
  • 24" gold filled chain
  • Handmade in Nashville, TN
  • All USA sourced materials
  • (Individually $115)

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