I began working on acrylic sheeting as a canvas because I loved the perfectly even glossy surface and depth it lent to my paintings. The idea to create a hexagon was really just an impulse to break out of the rectangular box, or more literally, the frame. Because of this shape, each piece can stand alone or function as modular works. 
Each piece begins as a meditation on a concept-I move into a work with a loose set of ideas I want to communicate, rather than a specific final look for the painting. The execution of each work is then a process of action and reaction. Each mark, color, and brushstroke is dependent on the one before it. 

I view abstract artwork as subjective: whatever you choose to interpret or feel from each work is absolutely valid and completely yours. As an artist I am interested in shared collective experiences. There is a visual language that underlies our perception of the world. I think of abstract imagery as the classical music of the visual world, delivering very real feeling, emotion, even narrative without a literal subject matter. I delve into this more in depth in my statement. Because of this idea, each description is simply that, a description. It hints at my original idea in it's language, but gives you room for your own interpretation.
Each hexagon is 10" in diameter, with a hand built poplar frame, and has a hole drilled in the back so it will hang flat against the wall. They honeycomb together quite nicely.